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Office Web Apps is Already in SkyDrive!

webapps I’ve been checking my SkyDrive for the Office Web Apps ever since the RTM of Office2010 has been launched on May 12, 2010.  I’ve been using the Office 2010 RTM since the launch and anticipating the deployment of of the Web Apps to complete my Office 2010 experience! Initially only MS Excel has the edit in browser feature. For the MS Worid and Powerpoint you can only view the file but not edit it in browser.  Now the waiting is over! Just yesterday, during the business launch of Office 2010 held at Shangri-La Makati, I opened my SkyDrive and noticed something in it! The Interface has been changed, files are now listed by date and as I hovered my mouse pointer to a Word doc file an option that says “Edit in Browser” will appear.  Same thing happened when I hover my mouse pointer in a PowerPoint file!  this just means that Office Web Apps is now fully deployed and now ready to be used anytime and anywhere I want (provided that I have a connection in the cloud haha)

With the Office Web Apps in full deployment, sharing files is easier than ever! No more repetitive editing of a document or file to update it and upload it again to SkyDrive.  I can just edit a file and update it online without the hassle of downloading, editing, and uploading it again!  This new feature of will benefit students on their group projects, teachers who give always give a soft copy of their lecture, a small business that needs file sharing, and a lot more!

The Web Apps release includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote, which has language support for English, Spanish (USA) and French (Canada), more language to come in the coming months!

Now I can say that my Office 2010 experience is complete! 🙂




office2010tayoCatch Microsoft Office 2010 and find out what’s happening as we launch Office 2010 in the Philippines! Click here and join office2010tayo, the official Office 2010 community here in the Philippines!


@ the Office 2010 community launch party!

It was another blast at the 16th floor of 6750 Ayala Avenue as Microsoft Philippines joins in the global launch of Microsoft Office 2010!  The said global launching is held in New York on May 12, 2010 11 AM Eastern Time.

2 There were a lot of attendees in the community launch party, most are familiar faces form the Windows7ako community (the official community for Windows 7 in the Philippines).  We started the party with a sumptuous dinner with overflowing drinks in cocktail tables.  The party was hosted by Mr. Jojo Ayson and Ms. Chay Mondejar-Saputil who were also the host during the Windows 7 community launch party.  The two has again a lot of trivia questions to ask to stimulate the brain of the attendees and of course a price awaits for each orrect answer to the trivia question .  Ms Femie Cruz, the Product Manager for Office gave un a brief introduction about Microsoft Office 2010 telling us how office 2010 would really make our job much more easier. Followed by a demo about some cool new features of Office 2010 by Mr. Chester Coronel and Mr. EJ Lopez . Then the demo showdown begins!


The demo showdown aims to to give an idea to community members what to expect in Office 2010 and to showcase the new, cool, and improved features of Office 2010!  Ten brave community members (I, Christopher, Miyer, and Orlee included) who conquered their fear in standing in front of a big crowd joined in the showdown not just for the price but also for fun!  Each of us showcased some new features of Office 2010! After the demo showdown, here comes the judging, Sir Jojo gave the crowd the right to decide who will win in the showdown by clapping of hands.  The tenwas trimmed into five, then three (Miyer, Orlee and I).  Orlee got the loudest clap, then Miyer, then me. The grand prize went to Orlee – a Samsung equipped with Windows Mobile Phone, the second to Miyer – a flip camera, and the third an optional Arc Mouse or an HP Printer.   Since I already have an Arc Mouse, took the printer for the the third prize!  A very timely price since my printer is already busted and I’m already planning to buy a replacement!


Hmmm I forgot to mention, a belated birthday cake was given to Miss Chay after Christopher’s demo, courtesy of members of the core team from Windows7ako community.  Also another cake was given as a token of appreciation to the people behind Office2010tayo community, which was accepted by Miss Femie Cruz..


The party was ended with Ms. Femie raffling a bunch of cool Office2010 and Wundows 7 stuffs which includes bags, jackets, shirts, caps etc.

CaptureMicrosoft Office 2010 will be available in retail on June 2010. Now, while waiting for the final release of Office 2010 you may want  download the Beta release at and enjoy a free ride of this amazing productivity suite! 

For queries and updates about Office 2010, please join the official community of Office 2010 in the Philippines, office2010tayo.

MS Office 2010 to be Launched on May 12


The much awaited productivity suite from Microsoft,  the MS Office 2010  suite will be launched on May 12, 2010.  The launching will be held at NBC Studios in New York at 11 a.m. ET.  Keynoting the event will be Microsoft Business Division President Stephen Elop.

Though the launching will take place on the said date, excited consumers will still wait until June to purchase the product at retail.

Simultaneously on May 12, 2010, Microsoft Philippines will join the world in launching MS Office 2010.  There’s no much detail yet as to where it will be held but I’m sure the event will be much similar when Windows 7 was launched last October 22, 2009.

For details and updates on Office 2010 and Windows 7 please visit and become a fan of the following facebook fan page:



You can also post questions and queries regarding Windows 7 and Office 2010 on those two fan pages and members of the community will be much happy to help you.

Now, while waiting for the final release of Office 2010 you ma download the Beta release at and enjoy free ride!  I’ve been using the Beta since it’s release and it’s not so bad and it’s too perfect for a beta. 🙂

Buy Office 2007 now and Get Office 2010 for free!

office 2007 For those who tested the the Office 2010 Beta and would like to have the final version (RTM) this is your chance to get it for FREE!  Like the Windows 7 free upgrade promo if you buy a Windows Vista for a certain period of time, Microsoft offered the same thing for the Office 2010 and it’s called Microsoft Office 2010 Technology Guarantee.

Microsoft has announced that if you buy your Office 2007 anytime between March 5, 2010 and September 30, 2010, you are automatically qualified for a free upgrade when the much awaited Office 2010 will be released.

office 2010

To know more about the Microsoft Office 2010 Technology Guarantee follow this link: Microsoft Office 2010 Technology Guarantee.

Microsoft Office 2010 on the move!

I recently acquired a copy of of the new Microsoft Office 2010 Beta (Technical Preview) also codenamed Office 14.  This new productivity suite  for Microsoft Windows is the successor of the MS Office 2007 (codenamed Office 12) that is currently being used by most computer users this days.  The version number 13 has been skipped due to the aversion of the number 13 (Triskaidekaphobia).  Development of this new office was started after the release of Office 2007 in 2006.  This new Office suite has a lot of enhancements.  It might look like its predecessor (Office 2007) but it’s far more advanced.

This new office suite will be available on both 32-bit and 64-bit versions and will be compatible for PCs running Windows XP  SP3, Windows Vista and Windows 7.  Also Office 2010 will have a free online versions of Word, Excel, Poweroint and OneNote which can be accessed with web browsers such as IE, Firefox, Chrome and Safari.  But to access these online applications you need to have a account which is very easy to create. 

Microsoft confirmed that the productivity suite will be released to manufacturing and be available to the public by the first half of 2010 and a public Beta version will available early November this year.  You may visit the Office 2010 site here and some screenshots here.