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My First Lecture / Demo outside Microsoft Grounds! :)

The Preparation

Sometime in July, a member of the Windows7ako community, Justin Ryan Siy from De La Salle University asked me if I can have a talk about emerging technologies in their class.  He told me that it’s a lecture / seminar type so I ask him if Office 2010 will be a good topic, then he approved.  I was a bit hesitant before for this will be my first time, I mean I already have several demos about Windows 7 and Office 2010 but  it’s just within Microsoft grounds and in front of familiar faces.  This will be a challenge for me.  To my excitement I asked my friend Christopher to join me in my first official demo and I got a positive response.  We then collaborate with Justin and Ray Angelo (Justin’s group mate) what will be our topic and how long the talk will last.  It was agreed that we will be talking Windows 7 and Office 2010 for three hours including the question and answer portion after the talk.  A week after Justin ,informed me that the date is already finalized and it will be on August 14, 2010 at 2:30-5:30 in the afternoon.

It’s eleven days before the event, I met with Christopher and reminded him about the event, but unfortunately because of his hectic schedule in his job, he told me that he can’t come with me.  I was a bit frustrated after that.  August 5, 2010 during the Windows7ako meetup at Gweilo’s bar I asked John Erwin Magno (another active member of the community) if he can join me at De La Salle University, without any hesitation he said yes.  So I informed Christopher that I got another partner and he told me that he will still come if he can.

In short, I coordinated with Erwin about the topic that we will discuss.  Suddenly I received a private message in my Facebook account that says our lecture will be compressed to one hour instead of three.  The time is a bit short but I said it will do.  Erwin and I even meet at a nearby mall to discuss what will happen in the said seminar.  We agreed that I’ll be talking MS Word and Excel, and MS PowerPoint and One Note for him, and for the Web App we’ll just demo the co-authoring feature  since we have a limited time.

The Most Awaited Day

August 14, 2010 the day of our lecture / seminar, i ,m a bit nervous for it’s my first time to have a live demo outside Microsoft grounds or outside the windows7ako and Office2010tayo community.  During our Facebook chat, Erwin also told me that he’s a bit nervous too.  Even an experienced instructor like Erwin who teaches IT subjects can be nervous for the topic is not really his forte, so imagine me, a Medical Technologist who is going to talk about techie things!  So we proceeded at La Salle for our seminar.  We went to a convenience store first to buy a battery for my camera (for documentation of course hehe :p)  I sent Justin a message that were just in a nearby convenience store, he answered and ask us to wait for a while for he is still securing a gate pass for us.  Finally at exactly 4:30 PM, I received a message telling us to proceed to the south gate university.  He fetched us at the gate and after paying our respect to the guard, we’re on our way to the seminar venue.  We arrived the the venue at exactly 4:45 PM, setup our laptops and waited for some students to come.  We are expecting at least 50 attendees but unfortunately due to a conflict with schedules only 18 students came.  But it didn’t bothered me since we’re already there, our duty is to proceed with the lecture as planned.


IMG_0009I started by introducing ourselves, we also told the students that we are an active member of the windows7ako and office2010tayo community. As the first lecturer I asked them if they already seen Office 2010 or evaluated the Beta version.  Unfortunately I got a negative answer, all of them are still using either Office 2007 and some Office 2003.  To my mind it good for they will be amazed into what we will show them.   I  introduced what is MS Office 2010, talked about Word and Excel 2010.  On the other hand, Erwin discussed the power of PowerPoint 2010 and supposedly One Note 2010 but due to limited time he opted to discuss the Office 2010 plug-ins which is the Ribbon Hero and the pptPlex.  Our last topic should be the Co-Authoring feature of the Office WebApp but unfortunately we failed to hook up to the university’s network after several trials.  So we have just discussed how the co-authoring feature works and how will help them to be more productive in their daily tasks.

The students have a very positive response on the new productivity suite.  They were really amazed what Microsoft Office 2010 can do to their assignments, projects and daily tasks.  They learned a lot and also discovered some tools that are already present in the previous versions of Office but are rarely used can make their tasks easily.

We ended up by promoting the windows7ako and office2010tayo community.  We encourage them to join the community and asked them that if they have more questions they can always post there and we’ll be willing to answer.  We also raffled three Office 2010 shirts (courtesy of Microsoft of course – thanks Mellie!), and have a picture taken with the attendees. As a token of appreciation, Justin handed a DLSU paper bag, inside is a DLSU mug (thanks Justin!).

So there, this is my official demo / lecture on emerging Microsoft technology, outside Microsoft grounds. Hope this won’t be the last.  I really enjoyed the experience!  To the members of windows7ako and ofiice2010tayo community, thanks for the support and encouragement, it really helped me a lot, thanks Erwin, I owe you one! Smile

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Office 2010… which is which?

Now that Microsoft Office 2010 is out in the market, lets see which version is right for you and will fit your everyday productivity needs.  Office 2010 has a total of six (6) versions, 3 in retail channels, 2 in volume licensing and 1 for the academic purposes.  Whoever you are, whatever you do there’s an Office 2010 that is right for you. Let’s compare editions.

For retail channels, which means that these versions will be available in you favorite computer stores. We have Office 2010 Home and Student, Home add Business, and Professional. 


Note: The retail license terms for Office Home and Student 2010 allow for installation on up to three home computers. Not intended for use in any commercial, nonprofit, or revenue generating business activities, or by any government organization.

If you are in the enterprise or have a business of you own and you need to purchase five or more licenses of Office 2010 perhaps it’s good to consider the Standard Edition or the Professional Plus Editions.  Compare below.


Note: These editions is available through volume licensing only and cannot be found in retail markets.

At the University, Office Professional Academic 2010 is available for low price to fit student budgets.


There are 2 more editions that I haven’t discussed, the Office 2010 Mobile and the Office 2010 Starter, but  that’s another story. There you have it, the six new editions of Microsoft’s superb productivity suite available for your daily productivity needs!

Have you chosen your edition yet? 🙂

Microsoft Office 2010 on the move!

I recently acquired a copy of of the new Microsoft Office 2010 Beta (Technical Preview) also codenamed Office 14.  This new productivity suite  for Microsoft Windows is the successor of the MS Office 2007 (codenamed Office 12) that is currently being used by most computer users this days.  The version number 13 has been skipped due to the aversion of the number 13 (Triskaidekaphobia).  Development of this new office was started after the release of Office 2007 in 2006.  This new Office suite has a lot of enhancements.  It might look like its predecessor (Office 2007) but it’s far more advanced.

This new office suite will be available on both 32-bit and 64-bit versions and will be compatible for PCs running Windows XP  SP3, Windows Vista and Windows 7.  Also Office 2010 will have a free online versions of Word, Excel, Poweroint and OneNote which can be accessed with web browsers such as IE, Firefox, Chrome and Safari.  But to access these online applications you need to have a account which is very easy to create. 

Microsoft confirmed that the productivity suite will be released to manufacturing and be available to the public by the first half of 2010 and a public Beta version will available early November this year.  You may visit the Office 2010 site here and some screenshots here.